This understated garden surrounds a contemporary townhouse built on a narrow urban lot. The path to the front door divides the front yard into two distinct planting types. The space to the left of the path features a grove of birch trees emerging from a blanket of grassy-textured groundcover. Here the parallel lines of the latticework on the house are extended into the garden in a transitory way: bands of daffodils emerge through the groundcover in spring.

The space to the right of the path features a perennial garden highlighting the genus Asclepias, the subject of the client’s PhD thesis. The small entry terrace at the front door is sheltered from the street by a trio of evergreen shrubs in large ceramic pots.

The back garden features a small lawn framed by a mixed planting of shrubs and perennials.
PROJECTSBefore and After gardensstairs, water features, paving, planting design, garden architecture
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Woodland Entry
Seattle Small Space Garden