The horizontal character of the 1950’s house and site inspired our design of this front yard garden in Portland, Oregon. Parallel bands of mounding groundcovers and rough-hewn basalt slide past each other to form a richly-textured tapestry across the ground plane. A low evergreen hedge separates the garden from the street, and a simple concrete path runs along the front of the house, backed by a lush mixed planting of shrubs and perennials.

A trio of paperbark maples and a majestic old cherry tree anchor each end of the garden, and a concrete path to the front door bisects it. From inside the house, we created views for each room that change with the light and the season. The resulting landscape plan has a unique functional quality and contemporary aesthetic.

PROJECTSBefore and After gardensstairs, water features, paving, planting design, garden architecture
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