At this 50-acre family retreat on an island off the coast of Maine, the site slopes gently from woodland to meadows, a pond, and the ocean. Stone walls, inspired by the local farm vernacular, meander through meadow and woodland. A wall curves out of the slope to form a gathering place beneath an existing tree. A labyrinth incorporates text and boulders to represent the surrounding islands.

A dining pavilion sits at the edge of a meadow overlooking the pond and the Atlantic beyond. The timber structure provides enclosure while the louvered panels admit light and the sea air. A stone retaining wall becomes a fireplace and storage cabinets at the back of the structure. A canvas and steel canopy overhead recalls a boat's hull; rain water drips from its edge into a gravel ring in the floor. Each element enhances the experience of being in this landscape without detracting from its inherent beauty.
PROJECTSBefore and After gardensstairs, water features, paving, planting design, garden architecture
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A Maine Island
Stone Table