A sunny slope provides the setting for this garden that is viewed both from within and from the deck above. Meandering paths and plantings that both reveal and conceal views create an experience that feels varied and rich within a small space. Visitors to the garden walk along gravel paths that lead between veils of evergreens to stepping stones beneath a grove of vine maples, and then through a sunny opening carpeted in richly-textured groundcovers.

Seen from above, the garden is a dynamic tapestry of color, pattern, and texture constantly changing with weather, light, and the seasons. This low-maintenance design accommodates the needs of an aging couple, passionate vegetable gardeners, who wanted to enjoy their garden space even though they would no longer be able to give it the physical attention that a large vegetable or perennial garden would require.
PROJECTSBefore and After gardensstairs, water features, paving, planting design, garden architecture
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Japanese Inspired
Japanese Inspired