Our design for this Federalist-style row house garden takes advantage of its most prominent feature: the depth of the narrow lot. Parallel brick paths lead the length of the garden, flanking a runnel of water that emerges from beneath a stone at the far end. These paths join terraces that extend the interior living and dining spaces out into the garden. A mixture of spaces paved in brick and gravel accommodates gatherings large and small.

The plantings are simple but imbue this small garden with a sense of cool lushness, particularly refreshing during the stifling heat of summer. Shade is provided by rows of 'Heritage' birch trees that rise out of groundcovers and panels of gravel. The garden is simple in its individual elements, but together these elements create a garden retreat that provides respite for the eye, spirit, and body.
PROJECTSBefore and After gardensstairs, water features, paving, planting design, garden architecture
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Rowhouse Garden