Framing and Masonry Work

Posted by Joel Port
August 27, 2012

Here's the latest update from one of our projects in SW Portland...

The masonry wall, behind the grill, is up. We designed a "knock out" detail where bricks have been omitted in the flemish-bond pattern. Notice that the mason used the less-desirable, black and white bricks from the color blend behind where the cabinetry will be. Therefore, all of the visible brick will have a more consistent color.

The masons have also begun laying the bluestone paving! Below, you can see a worker setting a radially-cut piece in the circle of the main terrace. Inside the circle will be dry-laid, random, irregular slabs of bluestone with vegetated joints. The rest of the terrace will have a herringbone pattern of bluestone. The color and form contrasts are going to look great!

The massive beams for the roof structure are also in place now. The rafters have also been installed since I took these photos last week. The entire space is really taking shape!


Excavation is Underway

Posted by Joel Port
June 26, 2012

We're excited to report that LHL Homes ( has broken ground on the second phase of a garden we designed in SW Portland! The formwork is in place and is ready for concrete to be poured later this week.

A gravel path will lead to a dining pavilion that will be built just beyond the pile of soil in this photo.

Looking out from the upper deck, you can see the holes that have been dug for the pavilion footings (on the left). The main terrace will be on the right and a row of evergreen magnolia trees will be planted along the inside of the long hedge.

These stakes outline where a circular bluestone band will surround a dry-laid area of random, irregular bluestone.

In the coming weeks, there will be lots going on at this project. I'll post more updates as things move along.

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