Jim Denevan

Posted by Sam Williamson

Some time ago my sister Ann (a clothing designer and artist) turned me on to the work of Jim Denevan. I just think his work is beautiful. His pieces are made by scoring wet beach sand with a stick that he drags behind him as he walks up to thirty miles to complete one of his pieces.

One of the things that intrigues me about landscape is how it changes over time. Denevan's work does more than that: it disappears at the next high tide.

sand design

beach leaves

Jim at workrecent work

His most recent work is a circle with a circumference of more than nine miles, created by the artist's and participant/observer's cars driving a proscribed path through the Nevada desert (bottom photo).


He is also a chef and is known for his travelling feasts: "Outstanding in the Field Dinners"


Oh, and here's Ann's website and one of her designs: http://www.annwilliamson.com/

Ann Williamson Clothing design


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